Scooping ice cream

The classic scooping ice cream represents approximately one third of the total volume.  In the range of standard tubs Ysco can produce different formats from 1 up to 5 litres.

Ysco realised its biggest growth in the last decennium in the luxurious segment of 900ml tubs, of which nowadays more than 20 million tubs are being sold.

Two mixes of dairy ice cream can be filled up with a sauce and get an extra topping and decoration. Today, we have over 40 flavours.

Besides the standard tub, Ysco developed its own premium version.  Recently, we also invested in a production line for square tubs. 

900ml standard tub // 900 ml premium tub // 1L rectengular tub // 1L oval tub // 1L square tub // 1,5L rectangular tub // 2L rectangular tub // 2,5L rectangular tub // 5L high tub // 5L cadi tub

Scooping ice cream
Extruded sticks
Moulded sticks