Cookie Policy

05 February 2019

This Cookie Policy governs the use of cookie on the website (hereinafter referred to as: “the Website”) of Milcobel cvba (hereinafter: “Milcobel”, “we”, ‘us”, “our”).

Cookies are small text files which are stored on a device’s hard drive and which contain certain information and sometimes personal data.

Social media plugins are small pieces of software developed and provided by social media service providers (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter), which add social media integration when built into the Website.

NOTE 1: If you want general information on how we process your personal data other than the processing through cookies and social media plug-ins, including in relation to your communication with us via e-mail, telephone, fax and social media and in relation to your registration on our Website, please refer to our Privacy Policy on our website

NOTE 2: Separate notices may be provided for the processing of personal data in connection with (a) your application to us, (b) your participation in a contest or (c) the use of the extranet for our member suppliers. When this is the case, it will always be clearly indicated on the Website.

By continuing to use the Website after having been informed of the use of cookies and social media plugins, you acknowledge that you have read this Cookie Policy carefully. You may, however, at all times change your cookie preferences through the cookie settings.


1.1. Your personal data are processed by Milcobel cvba, acting in the capacity of controller.

The contact details of Milcobel are: Milcobel, Fabriekstraat 141, haven 1140, 9120 Kallo (Beveren) Belgium, with corporate registration number 0870.019.427.

You can refer your questions regarding the processing of your personal data through, or as a consequence of our use of, cookies and social plugins to our privacy officer via e-mail:

1.2. Where reference is made to certain laws or regulations, such reference shall also include any change, replacement or annulment of said laws or regulations, including any related executive decisions.

1.3. Milcobel reserves the right to modify or amend this Cookie Policy at its own discretion and from time to time. Each modification or amendment shall be communicated via the Website.


2.1. You can avoid cookies being placed by configuring your browser as such. Guidelines as to how to do this can be found here:

However, not allowing cookies when visiting the Website may cause certain or all features of the Website to stop working properly.

2.2. When you visit the Website, Milcobel places a number of cookies. Most data pertaining to these cookies, their placement and use allow to identify you. Milcobel uses them to gain insight in how you and other visitors use the Website by gathering statistical and usage data, enabling Milcobel to provide a better user experience on the Website.

2.3. The following cookies are being used on the Website:

  • Functional cookies:
    • Milcobel uses several functional cookies on its Website. These cookies are needed for the Website to work properly and to give you a good user experience.
  • Analytical and statistical cookies:
    • Google Analytics: Milcobel uses Google Analytics cookies to determine how you and other visitors use our Website as well as some of the third party services on our Website. With these insights Milcobel and third party service providers are able to improve our services. Milcobel uses the following cookies:
      • _gat cookie (1 minute lifespan);
      • _gid cookie (1 day lifespan) and
      • _ga cookie (2 years lifespan).
    • CloudFlare: Milcobel places CloudFlare cookies on the Website for analytics and performance purposes. The following cookies are being placed:
      • cookies_biz_flagsA, _biz_nA, _biz_pendingA, _biz_uid (1 year lifespan) and
      • cookie optimizelyBuckets (10 years lifespan).
    • Social media and advertising cookies: o
  • Advertising cookies:
    • Doubleclick: Milcobel places the below mentioned Google cookies to make targeted advertisements. The following cookies are being placed:
      • IDE, _tlc, _tlp, _tlv cookies (1 year lifespan);
      • DSID cookie (1 week lifespan) and
      • _tli cookie (3 months lifespan).
    • YouTube: Google itself places the following cookies in order to collect visitor information and customized preferences as well as to customize advertisements on YouTube. It concerns the following cookies:
      • 1P_JAR cookie (1 month lifespan);
      • APISID, HSID, SAPISID, SID, SSID, PREF, LOGIN_INFO cookies (2 years lifespan);
      • CONSENT cookie (20 years lifespan);
      • SIDCC cookie (3 months lifespan);
      • VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE cookie (1 year lifespan) and
      • YSC cookie (lifespan is the duration of the session).

2.4. We require your consent for the placing and collection of cookies, with the exception of functional cookies, on your device. You may at all times withdraw your consent with  Milcobel’s use of cookies. To exercise this right, it suffices to delete the cookies, which have been placed on your device. To do so, you are kindly asked to refer to the appropriate instructions of your browser manufacturer, as listed above.


3.1. Milcobel processes your personal data to perform statistical analyses so that we may improve our Website, products and services or develop new products and services.

3.2. Milcobel processes your personal data for advertising purposes.

3.3. Milcobel processes your personal data for informing any third party in the context of a possible merger with, acquisition from/by or demerger by that third party, even if that third party is located outside the EU.

3.4. Milcobel processes your personal data for the preservation of the legitimate interests of Milcobel, its partners or a third party if and when your registration with, or use of, the Website can be considered (a) a violation of any applicable terms of use or the intellectual property rights or any other right of a third party, (b) a threat to the security or integrity of the Website, (c) a danger to the Website or any of Milcobel’s or its subcontractors’ underlying systems due to viruses, Trojan horses, spyware, malware or any other form of malicious code, or (d) in any way hateful, obscene, discriminating, racist, slanderous, spiteful, hurtful or in some other way inappropriate or illegal.

3.5. Milcobel processes your personal data in order to comply with legal obligations or to meet any reasonable request from authorized agents or representatives of police, judicial authorities, government authorities or bodies, including competent data protection authorities. Milcobel may, on its own initiative, transfer your personal data to the police or to the judicial authorities as evidence or if there is a justified suspicion of an illegal act or crime that you have committed.


4.1. For the purpose described in article 3.1 and 3.2 Milcobel, as the responsible party, requires your consent.

4.2. For the purposes described in articles 3.3 and 3.4, Milcobel bases itself on the necessity to protect our legitimate interests or those of third parties, namely: • to inform a third party in the context of a possible merger with, acquisition from/by or demerger by that third party or • to safeguard security.

4.3. The processing of your personal data for the purpose described in article 3.5 is necessary to enable Milcobel to comply with its legal obligations.


5.1. Except for the situations described in articles 5.3 and 5.3, Milcobel does not send your personal data in an identifiable manner to any third party without your explicit consent to do so. However, you understand that our use of analytical and statistical cookies or social media and advertising cookies may imply that the third party providers of these cookies may obtain certain information about you, including information about your browsing behavior.

5.2. Milcobel may share personal data with other entities within the Milcobel group to the extent necessary for the purposes set out above.

We ensure that if one of our entities processes your personal data, this will take place in accordance with this Cookie Policy.

5.3. Milcobel relies on third parties to provide the Website to you and to process your personal data on our behalf. These third party processors may only process your personal data on our behalf on the basis of our explicit written instructions. Milcobel guarantees that all external processors are selected with due care and obliges them to respect the security and integrity of your personal data.

In principle, your personal data will only be processed within the European Economic Area (i.e. the European Union, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein).

Should the aforementioned purposes require that your personal data is processed outside the European Economic Area, we ensure that your personal data will be protected to the fullest extent possible.


6.1. Milcobel does its utmost to process only those personal data which are necessary to achieve the purposes listed under the purpose for processing.

6.2. Your personal data are only processed for as long as needed to achieve the purposes which are described above or up until such time where you withdraw your consent for processing them. Note that withdrawal of consent may imply that you can no longer use the whole or part of the Websites. Milcobel will de-identify your personal data when they are no longer necessary for the purposes outlined in the purpose for processing, unless there is:

  • an overriding interest of Milcobel or any other third party in keeping your personal data identifiable;
  • a legal or regulatory obligation or a judicial or administrative order that prevents Milcobel from de-identifying them.

6.3. Milcobel will take the appropriate technical and organizational measures to keep your personal data safe from unauthorized access or theft as well as accidental loss, tampering or destruction. Access by personnel of Milcobel or its third-party processors will only be on a need-to-know basis. This implies that both employees and third-party processors are subject to strict confidentiality obligations. You understand, however, that safety and security are best efforts obligations only, which can never be fully guaranteed.


7.1. You have the right to request access to all personal data processed by Milcobel pertaining to you. You must always specify the processing activities in respect of which you wish to exercise your right to access.

Milcobel is, however, entitled to reject certain requests to access if these requests are clearly aimed at causing inconvenience. Milcobel is also entitled to refuse a request to access if its granting has disproportionately negative implications for the rights and freedoms of others, including Milcobel itself.

7.2. You have the right to ask that any personal data pertaining to you that are inaccurate, are corrected free of charge. If a request for correction is submitted, such request shall be accompanied of proof of the flawed nature of the data for which correction is asked.

7.3. You have the right to withdraw your earlier given consent for processing your personal data.

7.4. You have the right to request that personal data pertaining to you will be deleted if they are no longer required in light of the purposes which are outlined above or if you withdraw your consent for processing them. However, you need to keep in mind that a request for deletion will be evaluated by Milcobel against:

  • overriding interests of Milcobel or any other third party;
  • legal or regulatory obligations or administrative or judicial orders which may contradict such deletion.

Instead of deletion you can also ask that Milcobel limits the processing of your personal data if and when (a) you contest the accuracy of that data, (b) the processing is illegitimate or (c) the data are no longer needed for the purposes which are outlined above, but you need them to defend yourself in judicial proceedings.

7.5. You have the right to object to the processing of personal data when we process your personal data for our legitimate interest of for the legitimate interest of a third party and if you are in a particular and specific situation that justifies such an objection. You must communicate your situation to us so that we can assess your request correctly. However, if the intended processing can be regarded as direct marketing, you have the right to object this processing free of charge and at any time.

7.6. You have the right to receive from us in a structured, commonly used and machinereadable format all personal data you have provided to us as described in article 4.1.

7.7. To exercise your rights as described in this Cookie Policy, you can contact our privacy officer via email. An email requesting the exercise of a right will not be construed as consent to the processing of your personal data beyond what is necessary to process your request. Such a request must clearly state the right you wish to exercise and the reasons for doing so where required. It must also be dated and signed, and accompanied by a digital scanned copy of your valid identity card proving your identity. If you use the contact form, Milcobel may ask for your signed confirmation and identity document.

Milcobel will inform you immediately of the receipt of this request. If the request proves to be well-founded, Milcobel will inform you of this as soon as possible and no later than thirty (30) days after receipt of the request.

If you have a complaint with regard to the processing of your personal data by Milcobel, you can always contact our privacy officer with questions via the e-mail address: If you are not satisfied with Milcobel's response, you are free to lodge a complaint with the competent data protection authority, i.e. the Belgian data protection authority.